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The success you will have with hearing aids is dependent on a variety of factors:

  • Realistic hearing expectations
  • The hearing aid fitting expertise and counseling skills of the person you purchased the hearing aid from 
  • Choosing the hearing aids with the features and benefits which best compliment your lifestyle, cosmetic wishes & pocket book

We offer high quality hearing instruments professionally fitted and within your budget. All hearing instruments come with a 2 year warranty and are 100% digital.

Pocono Mountain Hearing Aid Center, in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, has a solution for your hearing loss.

State of the Art Technology within your budget!

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Did You Know...

In 2011 approximately 7 million hearing aids were sold worldwide and 2.5 million hearing aids were sold in the United States. 90% of the worldwide production of hearing aids is controlled by 6 multi-national hearing aid conglomerates who market their hearing aids under 27 different brand names. These six companies are Siemens, Oticon, Starkey, Widex, Phonak and GN-Resound. All of these hearing aids manufacturers purchase microphones, receivers, circuits and volume controls from the same component suppliers. All six of these manufacturers produce quality products. Some of these products have more features than others, however the actual discernible consumer listening/understanding difference is essentially the same. There is very little difference, if any, in hearing aids today because of computer-aided design and computer aided manufacturing/production. All hearing aid factories have computerized quality control.

Eric J. Stenersen, BC-HIS

Eric J. Stenersen, BC-HISis a nationally board-certified hearing instrument specialist. He has worked in the hearing instrument industry since 1978 and has owned and operated Pocono Mountain Hearing Aid Center since 1994. Eric is committed to a high standard of patient satisfaction and service.